Prof. Dr. J.W. (Hans) Niemantsverdriet

Hans Niemantsverdriet

Director SynCat@Beijing and SynCat@DIFFER, Eindhoven

Hans Niemantsverdriet is Director of the SynCat@Beijing Research Institute of Synfuels China Technology Co. Ltd. in Beijing-Huairou, with a branch SynCat@DIFFER, at the research enterprise Syngaschem BV in Eindhoven. He is emeritus professor of the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, and Honorary Distinguished Professor at the Cardiff Catalysis Institute at Cardiff University.

Hans has a MSc in Physics from the Free University, Amsterdam (1978), and a PhD in Technical Sciences from the Delft University of Technology (1983). After postdocs in München and Berlin, he was appointed Associated Professor at Eindhoven in 1989, and Full Professor in 1999. He also holds a Honorary Doctorate from Aalto University, Finland, and was Visiting Professor at Tianjin University, China from 2010-2014.

Hans was Editor of the Journal of Catalysis from 1996-2016. He is (co)author of almost 300 articles and three text books. His research interests are surface science and catalysis, in particular in relation to Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and syngas chemistry.

Hans has lectured on catalysis and presenting science in many countries in Europe and Asia, and in the USA and South Africa. At present all his educational activities are concentrated in the SynCat Ac@demy, a part of the SynCat organisation.